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Why Play for the Cyclones?

Cyclones Lacrosse has the unique ability to provide collegiate level instruction while maintaining an individual approach to the athlete. Our founding principle is to provide an opportunity for girls to develop skills in an environment that honors the beauty of the game of lacrosse. Cyclones Lacrosse is a club that allows players of all skill levels to compete and where excellence is the reward of hard work; friendship and fun are its natural byproducts.  


Our structure helps each individual player choose their own goal and strive for it whether that goal be to receive a D1 offer or to make her high school team.  We recognize that summer lacrosse is about having fun and each player achieving her own individual goals.  Within the Cyclones organization, every player has equal opportunity and is equally valued!


What makes the Cyclones different from other clubs?

·        Cyclones represents over 30+ school districts throughout Michigan and Ohio, with guest players from Canada and other states.

·        Every player is treated as equally important.  All players are put in a position to improve and highlight their individual skills.

·        Cyclones players are always expected to play the game the right way, summer lacrosse is about fun and improvement, it’s not about winning at all costs.  Respect for the game, fellow players/coaches, opponents, officials and all others associated with each game will never be compromised.

·        Detailed and Personalized Recruiting Support, **New for 2018 each HS player will be invited to attend recruiting seminars and receive 1-1 recruiting support (Cost Included)**

·        Access to top notch training facilities (Legacy Center) and Personalized Skill sessions are available.

·        Our coaching staff is led by College Head Coaches with support from current/former NCAA DI, DII, DIII and NAIA players.

·        Our coaches have a robust network of collegiate coaching connections that span the entire country.  We believe that there is a level and a school for every athlete.  We will personally help find the right fit for any athlete that chooses to pursue a collegiate playing career.


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